How great is it watching someone open a gift you have given them? The look on their faces swhen the open the box and see the amazing things in there that you have picked for them. The excitement, the joy and the overwhelming sense of knowing that you care for them. This is why the gift of giving is such a great thing to do. It is full of happiness and excitement for both you and the person you are giving the gift to. So why do we give gifts? Why do we feel the importance of it? There are so many benefits to giving a gift to someone you love.

Shows appreciation
Giving a gift to someone shows that you appreciate them. It shows that you have taken the time to find something that they will love and cherish. Taking the time to choose a gift, package it beautifully and give it to them will show how much they mean to you. The thought that goes into the gift is just a snippet of the amount of thought and appreciation you have for them.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. These are just a few of the milestones in our lives that we celebrate. Giving a gift as a sign of celebration is another great reason to give. It shows the person that you are giving the gift to that their milestone is also important to you. That you are excited that they have reached this milestone and that you want to celebrate with them.

Expression of Love
Gifts do not need to be kept just to milestone events. Giving a gift for no reason other than you want to show the person you love them is one of the best gifts of all. A gift given from the space of love can be small, inexpensive or humorous and still have a huge impact on the person you are giving it to. It shows the person that you love them and thinks about them enough throughout your day to day life to give them something extra to show them.

To show thanks
A gift given to say thank you to someone for something they have done or said is an important gift to give. Not only are you able to show your appreciation and thanks to the person but it helps them to see that you genuinely mean it and are grateful. It is a way to remind them that they are special and have done something that has impacted you in a good way. It is a small token to say thank you to someone with more than just words.

The person receiving the gifts from you will feel a bunch of different feelings when receiving your gift. In most cases, gifts are received in a positive way from the person receiving it. They are able to see how much effort you have put into buying the gift, the thought that went into choosing the products and the time that has gone into the presentation. It will help them to see how important they are to you. That they are making an impact on your life and that you want to show that to them.
Giving gifts is not just a great thing for the person you are giving it to. It is also a great thing for you as the giver. It can give you a sense of humility. It can help you to see that there are people around you that are worth that little extra effort. That these people have made an impact on your life and you want to celebrate that impact in a good way.

No matter what the occasion is, if the gift comes from the heart and from a good space – it will be well received and everyone involved will be excited and overjoyed by the experience.

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